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vimalkumar_v 12-30-2002 08:50 AM

kernel 2.4.2-2 doesnt support vfat????
My system runs a win98/RH 7.1 dual boot..I am not able to access the windows partition..from says 'fs type vfat not supported by kernel .The same happens when i try to access my kernel version is 2.4.2-2.Can somebody help me solve this issue..thanks..:newbie:

niknah 12-30-2002 09:02 AM

judging from your other post about sound not working it looks like your kernel is missing some important bits.

Best to download another kernel or install the one from the CD again

ph0rse 12-30-2002 04:05 PM

You have to compile vfat support into the kernel before you can mount vfat filesystems. Btw, don't try and mount the floppy as vfat, just do: mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy.

vimalkumar_v 12-31-2002 05:54 AM

Thanks niknah and ph0rse......i solved recompiling the kernel once again...

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