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alirezan1 07-14-2007 11:50 AM

KDE problem on Mandriva 2007 Spring

I have Mandriva 2007 Spring edition and I use KDE. Almost everytime I try to log out of my account, the XServer and KDE fail and shell comes up and I have to reboot the computer (or use startx) to load the XServer again.

Can anybody help me out?


jiml8 07-14-2007 12:32 PM

as root from the console, the command "service dm restart" should get X going again without doing a startx.

Beyond that, what do you mean that Xserver and KDE "fail"? What error messages are there? These might appear in a window on the screen, or in the console window, or in the file /var/log/messages, or not at all.

What version of KDE are you running; what version of Xorg? I ask this because there have been some updates since 2007.1 came out; are you up to date?

What video card? What video card driver? Have you had any abnormal events with your system that might have corrupted a library (lose power while writing to disk, for instance)?

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