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Thanotos 11-11-2005 05:19 PM

KDE - please check that the "DCOPserver" program is running
alrighty here is the thing.

As with most nnewb's I am curious and always trying new things.

I have been playing with ownership and permissions and in the process have lost rights to all /home folders respectively for my users.

I am getting the error:

There was an error settuping up inter-process communications for KDE.
The message returned by the system was:

Could not read Network Connection List.
//: .DCOPserver_stealth__0

Please check that DCOPserver program is running.
I have tried:
chmod -R +w /home/*username
removing one file: /root/.ICEauthority
su -c "chown $WHO:users /home/$WHO/.ICEauthority" exit where $WHO is the user

Currently I can login as root and have no issues with KDE.

When in a root shell and su to my main account 'thanotos' to try and view permissions that the user has, this is the return

root@stealth:/home/windows# su thanotos
bash: /home/thanotos/.bashrc: Permission denied
thanotos@stealth:/home/windows$ cd
bash: cd: /home/thanotos: Permission denied

So all that I know for sure is that I do not have permissions for any of my users other than root. Nor can I change them back.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I really dont want to remove and readd users.

bbbb 11-13-2005 06:30 AM

what happens if you do

ls -lh /home
? you should get

drwx------ 44 thanatos thanatos 4096 Nov 13 13:25 thanatos/

or something like that...? otherwise use

chown $USER:$GROUP $HOMEDIR;chmod 700 $HOMEDIR
as root (whilst sitting in /home ) where the variables should of course be replaced by your system settings (for me it's all the same as my login) and see how it works out...

just checking out the basic stuff :)


allelopath 11-27-2006 06:11 PM

I just had this same problem on Open SuSE 10.1/KDE 3.5.
I did not experience the problem as root, just as my 'regular' user.
From root, I deleted everything in the /tmp directory and the problem no longer occurs.

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