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neo.sarcastic 03-16-2004 09:07 PM

KDe choppy and running slow
I must be lossing my mind here but my kde environment is running really crappy! I just finished a fresh install. i ran a console and did a top cmd and it shows that i am using 489mb of memory!!! I have 512mb's in and a swap space of 768mb. what is going on here?

There is at least 4-6 different kdeinit processes runing at any given time, each taking up 2-6% of memory. mozilla takes up another 6%. I know it all adds up but im pretty sure it can't add up to 490mb's!

this is rh9, it is a p3, 500mhz with 512mb's.


i can't see running mysql on this and using it as a web server at this rate, i mean i know that linux is 10 times better and more stable for web development and hosting than windows but if this is what she's runin like IIS and access db are looking mighty good right now.

any ideas on what i have messed up here? anything i could check or 'tweak' i won't uninstall and reinstall as this is the 3rd time doing that.

is it the hardware?

PolyPerception 03-16-2004 09:20 PM

I would think your Xfree86 is misconfigured. Who makes your video card and its model number?

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