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Born^Dead 08-01-2003 05:51 AM

KDE 3.x question
Hi all i runing redhat 9 , got KDE 3.x
just want to know how u can make it preety . i saw some screenshot
how the hell he do that Task Bar Looking awasome .

thanks .

max2003 08-01-2003 05:57 AM

Search for karamba and slicker on .

Born^Dead 08-01-2003 06:06 AM

what rpm of karamba i need for redhat 9 ?

Born^Dead 08-01-2003 06:14 AM

root@10 Desktop]# rpm -Uhv superkaramba-0.29-0.fdr.0.src.rpm
warning: superkaramba-0.29-0.fdr.0.src.rpm: V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID ff6382fa
error: cannot create %sourcedir /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES

whats the prob ?:(

Born^Dead 08-01-2003 06:48 AM

Someone ?

gsibble 08-01-2003 07:12 AM

Run it as root. I think thats your problem.

Also, be warned.....Karamba is kinda harder to set up than you think. I saw those screens and I was amazed. When I got it all installed, I realized that it would take too much work for me to configure it the way I wanted it and just went back to my normal themes/decorations etc..

Just a warning!

Born^Dead 08-01-2003 07:30 AM

ok thanks for the warining but still i want it
and i install it as a root it the same eror

max2003 08-01-2003 07:33 AM

Maybe you must rebuild the package, because is a source package ( *.src.rpm).

Born^Dead 08-01-2003 07:38 AM

how i can rebuild it ?

max2003 08-01-2003 07:39 AM

Maybe with rpm --rebuild (i don't use RedHat).

Born^Dead 08-01-2003 07:41 AM

where i can download it ?

max2003 08-01-2003 07:47 AM

It's in your distribution.

Born^Dead 08-01-2003 07:55 AM


This is my rpm

what shold be the command ?

max2003 08-01-2003 08:04 AM

Try rpm --rebuild superkaramba-0.29-0.fdr.0.src.rpm
(i don't know if it works because i use slackware).

Born^Dead 08-01-2003 08:06 AM

[root@10 tal]# rpm --rebuild superkaramba-0.29-0.fdr.0.src.rpm
--rebuild: unknown option
[root@10 tal]# rpm -rebuild superkaramba-0.29-0.fdr.0.src.rpm
rpm: arguments to --root (-r) must begin with a /


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