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kylibar 08-15-2008 06:47 PM

just some food for thought
(my wonderful reply to "Tinkster", our wonderful moderator)

I had posted a wonderful question here in the newbie section, because... I FEEL I AM A NEWBIe, I AM A NOOB NOOB NOOB... and im PROUD OF IT, it shows motivation, becuase im a HIGHLY motivated kinda guy.

and im not breaking the rules, cause... im still asking my question, and it will be asked until answered...

so my question WAS...


Do I need an IP tables front-end (such as shorewall) to communicate between 3 bridged interfaces?

I have bridged (or at least i think I have) 3 of my network interfaces.

?? should 3 bridged interfaces pass packets to each other???

I am trying to create my first firewall...sofar i can get the NICs to pass information from one to another within the system.

??any help?? im beginning to think im not doing anything wrong at all...(with the bridging) other than not looking at a larger picture...
Tinksters Reply:


You shouldn't need a GUI tool, no. What are the problems you're
facing? And as this thread is better of in our networking forum.

And with these words I'm moving it.


now, i would have taken this seriously if tinkster had just said, no, i dont need a front-end to pass information from one interface to the next... but... thats not how it went down

My reply:

uhh, thanks alot, because, shorewall is NOT and DOES NOT have a GUI, its a set of scripts that run one time and turn off... (a FRONT-END)and second...all the people who ACTUALLY LOOK at posts, and help ppl with them...are in the newb section.

and who ARE YOU... to say im NOT a newbie?? huh?? appearently (from what you said in your reply )you should be posting in that section more often, and if you really want to know what my problem is now... you moved my posting. now noone is going to reply....

~how "coppish" of you

ha! it even says "NEWBIE" under my name. ill bet you 10 bucks... that i can file a lawsuite aginst, on that basis alone. the newbie section (last time i checked) is a pretty open and free place to post, simply because; DEFINE - NEWBIE, and then think about all the stuff that "us", or self-titled "guru".... think about all the stuff we DONT know! look, were all going to be newbies forever, its called expansion of the mind, or brian(i know i misspelled it, but im mad and dont care), if you have one. learning is what its all about, and if some moderator wants to complain because i posted in THE ONLY section where people help, the only section ive gotten help from... well... you can imagine what im saying.

jomen 08-15-2008 07:06 PM

whow! slowly now!

He was putting your post to a forum where it got better attention - the networking forum - he was doing you a favour!
(because the people reading there know better than most - and those people might not be reading the newbie forum)


Do I need an IP tables front-end (such as shorewall)
While "front-end" does not neccessarily mean "GUI" - it more often than not means exactly that.

You assumed at least as much as he did.
plus: you did not provide much info to get useful help - even if you think you did

to be unfriendly (nay threatening...) while looking for help is not going to help whom? you!
...or have you been smoking...stuff?

Tinkster 08-15-2008 07:55 PM

OK ... and closed, for a variety of reasons.

It won't lead anywhere, it's not a Linux question, and to make
things quite clear a few quotes from the rules you agreed to
when signing up:

  • Your thread may be moved to a more appropriate forum at a moderator's discretion.
  • Do not post if you do not have anything constructive to say in the post.
  • Do not post the same discussion in more than one forum. Duplicate discussions can be frustrating for other members. Try and pick the most relevant forum for your post. If you are unsure put it in Linux - General.

If you take issue with *THIS* decision, please take it
up with Jeremy, the site owner, rather than kicking off
another thread to vent some more.


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