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noni 05-07-2001 02:53 PM

i am using the latest kde

i downloaded the java plugin for linux from sun, succesfully changed permission to execute bin file.

an agreement pops up,and says that i should "accept" or "decline" using the button at the bottom of the agreement.

there is no button!

as a newbie, (about 3 days, love linux, fasssst!) and a brave little monkey, i pushed every function key and every random combination keys i could,
but cannot find that button!


oulevon 05-09-2001 11:56 PM

Can you get to the bottom of the agreement? Or does it seem to continue below the screen? All the agreements from Sun tend to be large. I have to resize the window always, to get to the bottom and find the buttons.

noni 05-10-2001 10:05 AM

well heres the thing,

it is a .bin file. i execute it from a terminal window. the agreement fills the window, and at the bottom is info on what lines are showing. i pagedown to the end of the page and there is no where else to go! thats it.

this .bin doesn't execute in the kde gui. it only seems to work from (heck, what do you call a dos prompt in linux?, oh probably "prompt" let me know;)prompt.

and more specifically, what i am trying to get installed is the java runtimes for linux. they aren't included in the Konkeror browser.

i have been succesful configuring much more (to me) complicated things. this has GOT to be easy!

also, in the installation instuctions at sun, they just say, accept button whith no info on where this button is supposed to show up.

oulevon 05-10-2001 11:27 AM

It's called a shell, not a dos prompt, but that's an easy mistake. Well, I installed the jdk1.3 a few days ago with a .bin file from the shell. At the end of the agreement, if I can remember correctly, they asked me if I accepted it, and I typed in yes and then hit return and everything worked fine. Trying doing that. If that doesn't work, then I'm not exactly sure what you're problem is. If it doesn't work, I'd check the file size and make sure it is the right size, and even try re-downloading it. Good Luck.

noni 05-11-2001 07:45 PM


the buttons you push to access the accept/decline option are

esc / alt+q

now of course the java dosn't work in konqueror, but i will work on that for a day or so before buggin out!

thanks for your help.

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