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Scrob 02-18-2005 10:25 AM

Issues with JAVA
I went to sun's website and downloaded the JRE 1.4 and installed it successfully. Every time I would try and load an application, it would tell me that it was the incorrect version of JAVA and to try SUN JRE 1.4 Well, I found out that I had the generic java ,gcc-java and everytime I was executing a java file, it would try and load it with that. So I did what any former windows user would do and I just deleted the files and directories under /usr/share/java Well, that didn't help, now it won't find java at all. I was wondering how I tell the system where the actual java is located, so that everytime I attempt to load any java app, it knows where JRE is. I am still getting used to the whole arrangement of directories and what they do. Is there a good site that kind of explaines the basics of the way the filesystem works in regards to each specific funtion of each directory? Anyway, Thanks for any help, you guys have been great!

csfalcon 02-18-2005 01:45 PM

you need to add the java executables to your path, you can do that by editing your /etd/profile.

See here for detailed instructions:

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