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MvD 09-20-2003 03:49 AM

Issues on Linux.
I've got several issues with Mandrake 9.1 running KDE 3.1 that I would like to solve.

Issue #1 Ispell doesn't seem to work, as soon as try and load it I get soemthing like configuration error, when I went to Prefernces > Ispell as far as I remember I cound't find a solution I will try and give you the exact words on the error window.

Issue #2 If I install both the English (US) and the Russian layout I can only type in Russia (even if I change the language to english) - the only solution I found to this was to install a third layout like British. This is not mission critical but it would be nice to have this problem fixed.

Issue #3 After logging out and clicking on Reboot, at times Many doesn't give me a list of options on what to reboot. This is very annoying.

Issue #4 For my internet I need two different connections (one is the normal one and the other one is the communal access connection to add more money on my account via 'internet cards'). Is there anyway I can emulate the "connect to" option in the windows start menu in Linux, this would be very useful.

Issue #5 On linux (using Konqueror) the speed of my connection is twice as slow as it is on windows. This is the most critical issue of all since on windows my connection is around 2kbps (on good days) I'll damned if I will agree on anything less. If I cannot solve this issue then there is no point in me having Linux on my PC. I though about downloading Mozilla Firebird (that's what I use on windows) but I am not sure that will oslve my problems. Btw when I make a connection on windows it say that its a 19.XK connection will on Linux it says that it's a 9600byte connection. Anyone notice the parallel?

Issue #6 How do I make Russian work in XMMS? All I get is some wierd letters.

Issue #7 how do I add additional stuff like word count or Pictures toolbars to Kword or Openoffice? I mean I do a lot of my homework on the PC so stuff like that I svery important to me.

Thanx beforehand

- MvD

pablob 09-20-2003 09:10 AM

Issue 3:

Try KDM insted of mdkDM
(search under "Mandrake control panel" - " startup" - "drakboot"

Issue 5:
routing problem ?

MvD 09-23-2003 04:19 AM

Issue #1+7 - I am gonna use Office XP as soon as I fix this WIne thing

Issue #4 - Fixed it -I didn't quite understand how the connection program works:) !

Issue #5 - What do you mean?

Issue #8 - How the hell do I install Wine for Mandy 9.1? I don't get it? I downloaded the rmp from winehq for mandy 9.1. And I installed the rmp. But what do I do next? I can't find any folder named wine in my home dirctery. I only found some wine stuff in usr/bin/wine but when I click on it nothing happens and the config file is strange it seems way too short. Plus how do I make that fake windows drive because as far as I remeber wine doesn't really support NT5+.

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