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duffme 10-28-2005 07:02 PM

Issues if I go back and forth b/t Gone and KDE?
I'm sure this is basic, but I haven't found it answered anywhere.

1) Will I cause problems going back and forth between Gnome and KDE using the same user account? I don't want to be using two different accounts. I ask partly because the Computer link on the desktop seemed to stop working when I logged on using KDE.

2) Is it better to run Gnome apps in KDE or KDE apps in Gnome?

3) Is it better to use GTK-Qt or just GTK for Gnome apps in KDE?
Search for HowToGTKGnomeAppsunderKDE on Sorry, I can't post a URL since I'm new.

I haven't decided if I prefer one over the other yet. KDE seems more intuitive and efficient, but I seem to like some of the apps generally made for Gnome better (Evolution, Konquerer), but I don't like Nautilus. I guess I seem to prefer the 'productivity' apps in Gnome, but the utilities and system apps/applets in KDE. If it helps I prefer stability and efficiency over looks and I don't care much about games.

Thanks in advance!


cs-cam 10-28-2005 07:50 PM

Should be no issues but there isn't really a need to switch. GNOME apps will run fine under KDE and KDE apps will run fine under GNOME. If you were to use KDE, I would use GTK-Qt just to keep looks consistant but I don't think it'd matter either way. Unless you have an ancient machine that shouldn't be running KDE anyway, you'll be fine. GTK-Qt is a render engine for GTK that just maps all the function calls to their Qt equivilant so it's not like it's doing any major work and from what I hear, it works very well :)

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