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ricey 07-21-2002 05:17 PM

ISDN Channel Bonding???
Need help! I can connect to BT Home Highway using KPPP using modem emulation (ttyL1) at 64kbs (single chan) but i cant figure out how to get both channels working together at 128kbs...

If i can do this i can nearly delete windows all together!

Any info would be greatly appreciated...


Dutch3 07-22-2002 02:19 PM

If you are using Mdk 8.2, you don't need kppp!

Open Control Centre, Networking, configure internet connection. This configuration wizard should recognise your ISDN hardware and set it up on ippp0 as an ISDN connection. You can then select 64kbs as the default (if you are on the Anytime package it costs you zilch ;)) and after this has been set up, you can add another profile which uses 128 - obviously using the 128kbs phone number. You get the choice of connection speed during setup.

BTW, don't be alarmed when using the Network Monitoring window, there's a cosmetic bug in 8.2 which shows the text at the bottom as reading 'not connected' when you are connected on an ISDN line - something to do with the card I think.

You can use knetload (on the discs) to put a monitoring applet on the bar, or even use gkrellm if you like twinkly lights :)

You've climbed the worst hurdle - getting the right Linux compatible ISDN card.

Come back if you need any advice..


ricey 07-23-2002 02:32 PM


Thanks, i didnt think of doing it that way and it kinda works....there is still a minor prob tho....

I dont actually have a ISDN card, its the new USB modem supplied by BT. I tried your method, just using the most generic looking driver i could find from the list it gives you and it kinda works. However on the 128k option when it started a second channel for extra speed everything looked good, until it was dropped, then the whole network went down.

But i was just guessing at the driver to use (and the irq settings and the like).

Any other tips would be fab.

Thanks for the help thus far.


Dutch3 07-23-2002 03:32 PM

USB modem? Ah.

As it's working on a single channel, at least it's being recognised by Linux and the USB subsystem, which is a start!

If I were in your position (and assuming you haven't already - if you have, ignore the next bit;)) I'd check for something like ISDN USB modem or try to find out the actual manufacturer of the modem. You may get some help from Linux hardware sites. It may be that other users have experienced the same problem and have a workaround.

I'm not sure if there's anything of use to you on the isdn4linux site as the last time I looked it was getting a bit dated,but its worth a look-see just in case.

This is a (possibly) educated guess, but I think it may be a problem with the driver selection causing probs with the configuration. Also, do you have to specify irq settings during setup of the modem? - that could cause probs in itself. Presumably you've checked the irq list in Control Centre?

Please post if you get any joy with the modem identification and we'll take it from there...sorry not to give a definate answer but the particular hardware you've got makes it a little bit trickier. But as I said, at least its being recognised so we can work from there....


ricey 07-29-2002 04:43 PM


Yup i agree more research is required, i did try Google, but this is a new peice of hardware and nothing really useful comes up.

I may even try calling BT to see if they can give me the manufacturer, that may help. But i agree that it seems to be the driver selection thats causing the problem.

Ill look into it some more and repost.

Thanks again



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