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mihalisla 07-24-2006 12:11 PM

is there a nero like suite to linux?
Hello ,I incountered this problem,
I can't write mp3 music in cd that can be played in common cd players.I can write it as data but not as music with the Kde for suse 10 cd/dvd burning tools.
Is there any suite or programm that I might use such as nero for windows??/
Thank you for reading this message

Chromezero 07-24-2006 12:16 PM

I typically use K3B for burning CD's. I'm not certain, but I believe you can actually get Nero for Linux as well.

ethics 07-24-2006 12:26 PM you can indeed, what would the world do without google?

I would give K3B a good try first, much better than Nero IMO

mihalisla 07-24-2006 12:55 PM

Thank you for the reply.Actually K3b is the program that I can't write with audio cds.Do you know what must I do for the message "not supported format" but not in the data option ,only in audio cd option????
Oh and sth else can I rip cd tracks and convert them to mp3s with some programm?

hepburnenthorpe 07-24-2006 09:26 PM


can I rip cd tracks and convert them to mp3s with some programm
Once again, google is your friend.

greengrocer 07-24-2006 09:44 PM

I made a thread here about Nero for Linux a while ago. Might pay to look at what I wrote in that thread.

You can find the Nero Linux thread of mine if you click my user name and check through all the other threads that I have posted here.


petespin27 07-24-2006 10:11 PM

It appears that SUSE did not include mp3 support in k3b. I had a similar problem with ubuntu breezy a few months back, and the fix was installing a lib.

The second post here may help your problem in SUSE:

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