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yugal 05-22-2009 08:16 AM

Is RHCE good for Programmers & Developers ?
I am a Student in 2nd Year of B.Tech in CS !

My Profile => Programmer/Developer

I have heard a lot about Linux...
I have a very keen interest in learning Linux..
Its far better than Windows!

I have to go for a course on Linux...

I have 2 and half months for Linux (Full Time)

Should I go RHCE ?

As a User I want :
>> Knowledge of Linux Essentials
>> Linux Administration knowledge for serious use

I know that its not required to have RHCE !

So shall I go for RHCE ?

* Cost is no bar unless its worthy!
* Gaining knowledge is the prime concern!
* Increasing my ability and efficiency in working is another concern!

Please Help...... Red Hat Gurus !!!

Please Guide Me !!!

anomie 05-22-2009 11:48 AM

If money is no object, Red Hat's formal training RHCE track is excellent. I would recommend pacing yourself, though, with a couple weeks between each class to give yourself time to tinker and absorb information.

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