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Chundo 01-30-2006 07:03 PM

Is lilo.conf file format is same for grub.conf?
I would like to putlinux on 512 MB CF card, to be used as boot device for a embedded PC104. Since I am using debian sarge for compiling the kernel, and the boot loader used by the debain is Grub, the question is the syntax for grub.conf is same as the lilo.conf?, the sample,lilo.conf below can I put this as it is in grub.conf

CD, new :Pengy:

disk=/dev/hdc bios=0x80

boot=/dev/hdc # install boot on hdc
map=$TMPMOUNT/boot/map # location of the map file
install=$TMPMOUNT/boot/boot.b # boot file to copy to boot sector
prompt # show LILO boot: prompt
timeout=1 # wait a second for user input
image=$TMPMOUNT/boot/bzImage # kernel location
Label=linux # kernel label
root=/dev/hda1 # root image location after you read-only # mount root as read only

bosewicht 01-30-2006 07:21 PM

no, slightly different. If you were thinking of copying it over, it won't work. Do a search here for grub and look at the format. There are a lot of grub examples here.

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