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windle 02-07-2007 02:32 PM

invalid compressed format (err = 1)
Hi all,
Big problem , my FC5 has just started hanging on boot. It fires up , gets to the “uncompressing linux bit then comes to a screaming halt with the error :-

invalid compressed format (err = 1)

-- system halted

I googled around but this seems to be a problem that turns up with initial installations
and on installing new hardware. This set up has been running fine for some months and i have made no recent changes nor installed any new hardware or software.
(booting with grub)

If it comes down to re installing the kernal ,how do I go about that ? ,nother learning curve.Hope I never get to the top of the mountain :-)

Also , if I boot with the rescue disk I can run a shell and every thing is still there.Is It poss. to start x windows/gnome from here and if so how ?

Any suggestions or have I lost the lot ?
Thanks in advance.
Desktop PC
700 coppermine Intal cpu
Fedora Core5
booting with grub

pixellany 02-07-2007 02:39 PM

It certainly sounds like vmlinuz got zapped, but that is certainly not the only explanation.

Lazy way out: Install Fedora 6

You might be able to get a kernel image from Fedora and just drop it in.

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