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BizmarK^ 12-15-2005 06:12 PM

Intro + linux help req

I'm a new linux user, have been using it about 2 - 3 months (part of a course im studying at uni) - and since my windows hard drive has recently crashed, its looking like i'll be going linux all the way due to its extreme diversity and the control you can command over the OS - no more waiting about for the OS telling you when and what order to do things in, slap it into line :cool:

The reason i'm posting is other than a quick intro is that im doing practicals atm, small chunks of shell code and C etc. and i'm allowed to use forums etc as resources when in labs - and all ive read so far about this forum has pushed me towards believing this forum is the place to be for help/discussion.

As far as asking for help on anything - is it ok to ask for help on small chuncks of code? (real 10 minute numbers) - as im not 100% sure of my own skills, im still a linux newbie.

Thanks for reading.

pixellany 12-15-2005 06:30 PM

You can ask anything you want......well, almost anything.

You might meet resistance if you ask for help with your homework....

Look around (here and elsewhere) for fora focussed on programming. The "newbie" area here is for help getting started with Linux as an OS.

chrism01 12-15-2005 06:44 PM

Basically, asking for complete solutions to homework is a definite no-no. OTOH, we will help (in the programming forum) if you can show us that you have made a genuine attempt and now need help because it isn't working.
Please show us your code, complete with error msgs, as this makes it much easier for us to help you.

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