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measekite 03-12-2009 08:29 PM

Intrepid LiveCD vs Fedora 10 LiveCD
In my quest to find an upgrade to Feisty shortly I ran both Intrepid and Fedora 10 liveCDs for a while.

While I have been an Ubuntu user for 2 years and parftial to this forum and Ubuntu documentation and support I did not have a good experience with Intrepid. What follows are some short comments on each.

Intrepid LiveCD
Intrepid performed slow for a liveCD implementation. Intrepid did not install the appropriate resolution for my GForce 6600 nvidia card and I was left with very large fonts making it difficult to do very much. When I issued the commands to install the recommended nvidia driver the machine locked up. This is not improvement from what I went thru in Feisty.

The User and Groups did not behave correctly. After adding a few users I went to add them to some groups. When I check a couple of users adding them to a group the check marks did not sustain until I totally left the applet and then returned. This does not happen doing the same with Fedora.

The menu system was very much the same or similar to Feisty. I really do not see a whole lot of improvement that was visual. And of course the colors are the same and not to my liking.

Fedora 10 LiveCD

Fedora booted from the LiveCD faster and the OS ran much faster even from the liveCD. The drivers for my nvidia card installed automatically on boot up and with the correct resolution. The fonts were very nice.

The menu system was much more polished than Intrepid. I was really surprise because I thought Ubuntu was the leader in Open Source Linux and Fedora lagged behind but not based on my short experience.

The GUI package manager function OK and it seemed that most of the major applications were there. The desciptions of what they are made more sense to me.

The printer instlalled properly and all function worked like they were supposed to except for Gimp. I had to install Gutenprint and a ppd file to get it to work like it does now in Feisty. I did not test it but will before I make a go if I choose Fedora.

The applet for Users and Groups was more advanced and much nicer than Intrepid and worked flawlessly. It is easier to read and use and is much more straight forward.

Still Have Not Decided

I am looking for reasons to stay with Ubuntu but I cannot seem to find enough based on my knowledge of Linux. I only know what I see.

I would like to know what others think of these two. I do not want to consider other distros.

It just seems Fedora is more polished but the consensus of most Linux users is with Ubuntu. I am trying to find out why. Maybe that was based on the past and not the current I do not know.

Comments please

hurry_hui 03-13-2009 02:03 PM

As for me, Ubuntu is easy to use and, well, difficult to configure/customize. Fedora offers many customizations except for kernel n some apps. It limits proprietary apps. It is easier for me to configure Fedora than Ubuntu.

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