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adilsiv 06-11-2008 06:34 AM

Internet Connectivity in RHEL-5
Hi All,

I am new bee in the world of Linux.

Recently I have managed to install the 30-days trial version of RHEL5 from the five cd-roms with the ISO's.
My big problem is I cannot connect to the internet using my Netgear PCI adapter(WG311GEv2) which I am using to connect to the internet(BTHomeHub) while I am switching back to my windows XP(dual boot).
Can anybody tell me how I will get the internet connection going to download my RPM package from RHN?
Any lights on the issue will be much appreciated!!!

ps:I am using a stand alone PC.


unSpawn 06-11-2008 09:03 AM

Hello and welcome to LQ, hope you like it here.


Originally Posted by adilsiv (Post 3181404)
My big problem is I cannot connect to the internet using my Netgear PCI adapter(WG311GEv2)

Unfortunately that is a Wireless device. Not all drivers are included by default in a default kernel, and certainly not with a default stable kernel from RHEL. If you want to avoid headaches and get on with it I would suggest you swap it for a cheap fixed wire ethernet card, preferably with any chipset that's really "standard". If you can only use this card, then you need to read some steps, depending on the chipset. WG311GE can be ACX100, ACX111, Marvell and most likely needs Ndiswrapper. This page says WG311 is supported and points to the HOWTO which you should find at This directory lists some tests of wireless driver installs which may or may not come in handy depedning on your chipset and this page shows you how to handle a generic Ndiswrapper install though the specific instructions are for the Marvell 88W8335 chipset. You could also search LQ' Wireless Networking form for more instructions.

* Considering this is your first post maybe you want to avoid headaches and swap it for any cheap fixed-wire ethernet card with a common chipset...

adilsiv 06-11-2008 11:28 AM

wireless connectivity

I can understand your concern for a new bee in the linux world.
Is there anyway I can connect my linux RHEL5 to the internet using wireless adapter,cause my BTHomehub is far away from the PC and laying a long cable from the BT Router to the pc is not that very easy!!!!

If I can connect using wireless,how can I go about it???If I cannot use the WG311GEv2 which one does really give me an internet connection?

Any suggestions for the best adapter which I can use it ???

all inputs will be appreciated?

with regards

unSpawn 06-11-2008 12:42 PM


Originally Posted by adilsiv (Post 3181613)
If I can connect using wireless,how can I go about it?

Open a terminal window as root user and type 'lspci -vv | grep -i netgear' and post output here. Note the first number in the output (looks like "00:0a.0" or "00:04.3"), then type (and substitute that number here:) 'lspci -n | grep '00:0a.0' and post output here.

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