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Eshwar_mg 09-17-2012 12:50 AM

Installing VLC on RHEL6 in offline
HI i am learning Rehel 6 on my lap and i am having some training videos , i need to install vlc to play these videos in rhel6 for learning, but i dont know what are the dependencies required to install vlc when i went to rpm source site number of files are displayed over there so can some one help me with this and i want to install it on offline mode ( to install without internet connection ) any response wil be appreciable.

pls dont tel me to learn rhel6 by using vmware or something , i need to install it on my lap,

John VV 09-17-2012 09:21 PM

step 1
buy the REQUIRED license from red hat
And if you have to ask then YOU WILL NEED the $ 299/year license

RHEL is a "Server" class operating system and as such there is almost NO support for the hardware on laptops
RHEL6 might mostly work on most laptop hardware
BUT NOT ALL !!!!!!!
So check with the sales rep if your hardware IS compatible or not

if you are NOT going to buy the required support contract
then install one of the FREE rebuilds
ScientificLinux 6.3

get ONLINE with the laptop
fallow the vlc install instructions on the vlc web site for rhel
the third party repo" RPMforge is INCOMPATIBLE with the BASE rhel system repos
and CAN kill your install if you are NOT careful!!!
so install and CONFIGURE!!! ( yes configure it ) the yum plugin
" yum-priorities "
search for it on the RHEL knowlage base
( you have to login using the username you set up with the license )
the full instructions ARE there
or see the CentOS wiki page

without the REQUIRED support license you DO NOT install software on RHEL
period, you do not !

Eshwar_mg 09-18-2012 06:45 AM

Thanks for the reply but my pblm is not instaling rhel it installed and working perfectly , i will use the link provided by u an revert u

John VV 09-18-2012 04:38 PM

if you have a paid up red hat account installing vlc is easy
1)install "yum-priorities"
2) install the rpmforge repo
3) configure rpmforge with a LOWER priorities ( a higher number like 110)

su -
yum install vlc

off line

on a second computer that DOSE have internet access
one by one find the prerequisites that rpm is erroring on and burn to cd or usb
this will take about a week to manually one at a time manually find things
installing from random Google searches WILL cause problems. They can be INCOMPATIBLE!!!!! So ONLY use rpmforge

so step 1 for offline
1) get online
go to a coffee house and use the wifi
go to a friends house and plug in the cable

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