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th3_tr00p3r 07-28-2006 06:58 PM

installing ubuntu 6.06

I have recently downloaded a copy of Ubuntu 6.06 and wish to try and install it onto my laptop. I've played around with live cds and some slackware before so I have some idea what linux is about. However when I put in the cd for ubuntu I get the options menu, I click on the on that says "boot or install linux". It then loads and uncompresses a kernel. Then I get an ubuntu screen that says loading drivers, which it does quick then it says somthing mounting root, that takes awhile. Then I get somthing that says BusyBoxv1.01 and somthing about typing help for commands and underneath it says /bin/sh: can't acess tty; job control turned off

I'm not sure what command I need to type or what I need to do to start installation. Any advice appreciated.

lotusjps46 07-28-2006 10:28 PM

Standard questions first. Did you check the md5sum of the file you downloaded before you burned it? Did you have the burner software verify the CD after you burned it? I do not remeber if Ubuntu does this, but did it ask to check the media before it tried to install?

What kind of laptop is this? How do you have the partitions arranged?

Ubuntu is usually very easy to install but laptops are always more difficult to install Linux on than any desktop (wierd screens, odd video cards, sound cards no one has heard of, etc.). But lets see what we can do.

Good luck.


th3_tr00p3r 07-29-2006 02:09 PM

I'm not sure what checking the md5 checksum is.

I did not veryfiy the cd on my pc. There is a check cd option in the ubuntu options but when I go to it it just takes me to the same place "start or install" does.

I have an old thinkpad with a celeron 356mhz and 256 megs of ram. It has a 4.5 gig hdd. There is no partitions set up right now nor is the hdd formatted.

Xena 07-29-2006 08:16 PM

Strangely enough I just installed kubuntu 6.06 on my laptop.

You should find it starts up (slowly, because it runs from CD) and on the screen you'll have "examples" and "install". The "install" does what you expect, takes six steps to do and you got a ubuntu lappy ;)

ctkroeker 07-30-2006 06:29 PM

Yeah Xena, but he can't even boot it. I suggest you re-download the ISO file and burn it, because it sounds like it's broken.

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