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jurg.hengstler 08-16-2003 10:53 AM

installing SUSE pro 8.1 from external firewire disc on Sony Vaio Picturebook PCG-C1XD
I have a Sony Vaio Picturebook and would like to install SUSE Linux 8.1 pro besides an existing WinME parition. I don't have an internal DVD drive, don't have the CDs. My attempts were to split that harddisk, first windows 4Gb, than 4Gb unpartionned, than a logical FAT32 partition. I also have an external firewire harddisk. I tried with both a copy of the entire DVD content on the external firewire drive as the on the internal logical FAT32 partition and manual install to start installing.

:scratch: My problem is that I am unable to find out how I can correctly address the boot items from that partition when I should select source media:

- on the internal partition the all the files are laying "as-is" from the DVD without any further folders above. When asked to select the source media I tried to write in some path on the two available internal paritions who appear as:
hda1 : vfat
hda5 : vfat
and get a "~cannot load" answer.

- the external firewire drive has the files from the DVD under a folder called SUSE. It managed to make it appear as "sda" after loading the firewire modules (as you might guess I just tried around and loaded some the TI1394 OHCI driver and I think the sbp module).

On my latest attempts I even seem to get problems with my external USB diskette drive which is loading the kernel on manual install with the boot diskette and module diskette 1, but on further trying to load the modules will not work.

So I wonder whether someone could give a hint about:

- the best way to get through with this installation?

- do I need to reload USB modules after the kernel is loaded?

- which firewire modules need to be loaded in order to make this work?

- is the paritionning as mentionned correct?

- how can I make sure that I select the correct partition: Is windows laying under hda1 or under hda5?

- what has to be the correct information I need to write when I need when I selceted the partition?

thanks for your answers


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