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elhuecu 02-20-2004 10:43 PM

installing software & making available to all users
I downloaded mozilla 1.6 to /usr/local/mozilla, but every time I call it up it reverts back to the 1.4 version that was bundled with mdk 9.2. How do I install software at the root level (or more appropriate dir) that can be used by all users with their own individual profiles? I am not clear on which dir is called upon when a user tries to evoke that particular application. It seems more efficient to install at higher level once and allow multiple users to access rather than install multiple times in multiple user dirs. Obviously I need a lesson in linux architecture. Can anyone give me a brief run down? Many thanks.

neo77777 02-20-2004 11:00 PM

One you can adjust your $PATH
export PATH=/usr/local/mozilla:$PATH
you can put this line in /etc/profile right before export PATH statement so it will be available for all users
secondly you can create an alias
alias mozilla="/usr/local/mozilla/mozilla"
and put it in everyones ~/.bash_profile (assumed bash is the login shell) file, but it will work from command line only, but if you edit the properties of the mozilla icon on your desktop to execute /usr/local/mozilla/mozilla it will work when you click the icon. There are more ways, so try these if it still doesn't resolve the probelm provide feedback and exact scenario to recreate the problem.

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