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gotit 03-03-2005 06:59 AM

Installing RedHat 9: Black screen !
Hello everybody,

I am trying to install Red Hat 9.0 SHRIKE on my PC. My PC boots on CD-ROM: Then I select the installation mode (graphical or text). After that a few lines appears on the screen and that's all !! The screen become black and I don't know what happens...

I think it's a graphical problem, because if I push SPACE (when screen is black) my CD-ROM turns a little and then stops..

Here is my configuration:

Pentium IV 3 Ghz Hyper-Threading
512 Mb RAM
ATI Radeon 9800 128Mb

Please help me and excuse me for my english :)
thanks in advance

narmida 03-03-2005 07:42 AM

if text also fails then you have mostly 1 or 2 problems

i think that your graphics card isnt supported but txt should install
best think if you want to test linux etc download Fedora core 3 (or any other distro wich is up2date(dont want a distro war))that supports it

also you could try to press F5 and you see a mem test try running this.
mostly install fail because memory is buggy but i believe for 95% that you card is not supported

gotit 03-03-2005 07:46 AM

Hello narmida,

in fact I have downloaded the FEDORA core 3 too and it doesn't work neither. I have the same problem...
The ATI Radeon 9800 is not supported ?

I'll try to do the memory test this night.

narmida 03-03-2005 07:48 AM

gotit 03-03-2005 07:53 AM

Thanks for the link, but it explains how to install ATI drivers on a RedHat machine. But for the moment I can't even install RedHat !

gotit 03-04-2005 03:48 AM

So I have done the memory test and it's ok.

Any other ideas please?

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