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alexlambdax 06-22-2004 07:57 PM

installing package from CD
just got 2 quick questions, suppose in my installation of FC2, I decide not to install the GNOME Dev tools. It turns when i'm trying to install alsa-audio-mixer (which many claim solves the sound problem in FC2), i'm missing all these libraries and configs. So i started one by one to install them (for exmple gtk,libgnome,ORbit,libIDL, etc), and i'm running into quite a few link issues and finding old version of stuff after installing a newer verion which causes errors.

so i have 2 questions:

1) can i install more package from the FC2 installation CD? some quick way of installing all the GNOME packages?

2) how can I remove some package/library?


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Dark_Helmet 06-22-2004 08:37 PM

I use Red Hat 8 (never touched Core 1 or 2), but I would have to imagine they are still fairly similar. You can install the Gnome development packages through the desktop. For Red Hat 8, all that's necessary is to click the "start" button -> System Settings -> packages/add programs. It'll ask you for the root password, then churn for a little bit, and produce a window with different groups of packages to install. Almost at the bottom of the window is a "Gnome Software Development" group. Installing that should get you where you need to be.

Now, before you do that, I would try to remove any packages you may have already installed on your own. Unless the version numbers for the development package and the actual library package match, you'll run into all sorts of grief. You can remove packages with the rpm command from the console. Specifically: rpm -e package_name

You can get a list of all the packages installed with: rpm -qa
NOTE: The list will be loooooooong in most cases

For more info on the rpm command, you can read about it just like any other: man rpm

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