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kmacphail 02-17-2009 02:00 PM

I was logging in as ROOT USER. I tried using both su and sudo, but for some reason yum would not even search for packages, far less install them. However I found this advice on another website that in several of the Fedora 10 distros you had to run the command yum update before you could use it. I was not aware of this as this is my first time ever using Fedora.

Ranguvar 02-17-2009 04:11 PM

Yeah, yum update syncs the repos.

If you're logged in as root, you don't need su or sudo. su changes users, and if you run it without other parameters, changes to root (with password, of course). sudo lets you run one command as root. If you are root, no need.

John VV 02-17-2009 06:41 PM

sudo is not setup by default if you want to use it YOU must set it up
use " su - " ( with the dash)

yum is the name of the program

yum  ( all this will do is display a simple HELP list)
yum update ( will run the update)
-- see --
yum --help ( for a list of commands )
 -- like --
yum grouplist
yum repolist
yum install  < package name> ( without the <> )
yum erase < package name> ( without the <> )


If you're logged in as root, you don't need su or sudo.
On fedora 10 YOU CAN NOT login as root using the gui , unless you hack fedora 10 and that can cause a bunch of odd behavior .

and have you installed the rpmfusion repo ,if not go through this guide/help page

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