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burninhell 09-07-2004 04:41 AM

Installing Linux over PXE and FTP?
Hi Folks,
my likly simple question:
I want to install any Linux (maybe Suse) On my Thinkpad X20 with no FD or CDRom. My other MC in the Network is a Win XP Machine. It was no Problem to setup a TFTP server and to boot over PXE a Network Boot Disk, so I could install WinXP over Network on my Thinkpad. But now i want to install Linux over FTP from Internetservers. Where can i find such a pxeimage, which can provide that?
Bytheway: I'm a Linux Newbie

lopette 09-16-2004 11:11 AM

check on the distro site.

I know debian and gentoo provide such images, you may even be able to "boot from lan" (in your maniboard settings) if you have a DHCP server that supports it and tell your DHCP server to send the downloaded image to clients who want it, which is really useful

but debian and (esp gentoo) are not the easiest distros (that's what some people say), personnaly I've had no trouble installing debian the first time and I'm still very happy with it

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