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siarul 10-05-2007 08:54 PM

installing linux on Dual boot system
I have AMD sempron 2500 processor, 256MB RAM. I already installed 98 and XP in my system. My system is 80GB Hard disk with four partitions(C:F:G:H).C drive contains win 98 and F drive contains Xp.
can i install linux on my H drive or should i repartition my hard drive using some repartition software. H drive is 20 GB.If yes, how can i dual boot both XP and Linux after installing Linux.

Brian1 10-05-2007 09:35 PM

For a basic setup I would use a 100meg partition for /boot and then you can make the rest the / of the OS.

For dual boot there is the grub boot manager when placed in the MBR of the drive can be setup to boot any distro mention. Many examples of grub.conf file here using the search tool.


mjmwired 10-05-2007 09:43 PM

You need to provide more precise information. Are all primary partitions? Extended? What is the OS on the first partition?

I'm sure you know but Linux needs a new format (ex: EXT3) for its partition. This is not natively compatible with Windows. So the best thing is to have completely unpartitioned space before installing linux. I would recommend the GPartED LiveCD which can everything you need (resize, etc.).

Whichever linux you install, just install to the unpartitioned space. Keep in mind that linux partitioning does not use the drive letters 'C', 'D' method of identifying the partitions.

Most all Linux versions include a bootloader which should automatically support dual booting.

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