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eats85 08-27-2003 10:49 AM

Installing Kernel Source RPM
Ello all, im a pretty new player in linux and seem to be haveing trouble installing my kernel source rpm in RedHat 9 so that I can install my graphics driver. When I try to install It i type
"rpm -i kernel-source-2.4.20-20.9.i386.rpm"
and get this back
"error: kernel-source-2.4.20-20.9.i386.rpm: headerRead failed: hdr blob(1491548): BAD, read returned 1105399"
Anyone have any ideas what im doing wrong please help.

Thanks for your time,

Clemente 08-27-2003 11:03 AM


For sure, I am not very experienced in Linux, too. But I installed the Kernel sources via the Redhat paket installer tool.
I use a german distribution, the program is named "Hinzufügen/Entfernen von Applikationen" here. I thinit its english pendant is called add/remove applications or something like this.
This tool fails with uninstalling, but I never had problems, installing some packages...

Clemens von Musil

eats85 08-27-2003 11:18 AM

Thank for the reply,
Add/Remove Applications seems to just bring up packages that came with the distro and I have upgraded the kernel thru up2date so The kernel source rpm I need is not in there.
Thanks for your time,

eats85 08-27-2003 01:04 PM

Please anyone speak up I am very confused and any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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