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Seraph 09-02-2003 09:36 PM

Installing giFT ??
Ok, I've tried installin giFT for awhile now. . I downloaded gift-0.11.4, the fasttrack, gnutella and the openFT plugins and giFTcurs and installed them all ( i think ). I did ./configure , make and make install in all of them. i found glib and pkg config and did the same for them too. now when i try to run gift (giftd) it tells me i cannot start openFT. I think i did the installations right, but im new. . oh and i cant ./configure giFTcurs it says that glib is not configured correctly any help? I've searched around alot and cant find anything very specific.

dwof 09-03-2003 04:50 AM

Where did you get the OpenFT plugin? I can find it. All sites say you should download it, but not WHERE. Is it part of a package?

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