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Elzix 07-02-2007 07:15 AM

Installing and configuring Debians
I am using Kubuntu 7.04.

I have installed ntfs-3g.deb and got it running.

I cannot install stuff like gtk 2.0 because it needs other debians. I cannot install the required debians because they require gtk 2.0.

Is there a way I can point the APT manager to my own harddisk, and install and configure everything?

I use my PC mainly for: MP3's, Gaming and Programming. This is currently possible with windows, but the number of untreated viruses is just increasing. I need certain debians to be installed and configured, just to get to listen to my MP3's while working on my PC.

I can only access internet through the university computers. This means my PC, the one with linux, is not online. I live in Kenya, fast internet is extremely expensive (Ksh 12,000 for 128kbps [approx 100] per month). Dail up is extremely slow (55 seconds to open ).:cry:

Word about net in Kenya, is that prices may drop soon.. Problem is, they said so last year, too..

The university computers are set not to download *.exe only, so I can get away with downloading linux extensions (*.rpm, *.deb, ...).:D

Guttorm 07-02-2007 08:50 AM


If possible, the easiest is probably to just download the DVD at the University. It's 4 gigabytes, but if you talk some of the IT people, they might have a copy on some local server.

I am not 100% sure, but I think the DVD image for Ubuntu has all the packages for Kubuntu too.

It is also possible to install with dpkg if you have all the deb files, with a command like
dpkg -i debfile1.deb debfile2.deb ...

If you put all the dependant deb files in one line, it works. Otherwise it complains about something missing.

Another option is to just copy the whole lot of deb files into /var/cache/apt/archives/ - apt-get looks in this directory before it downloads.

Elzix 07-02-2007 09:17 AM

I also noticed the way the debs are put into alphabetical order in the cd.

Would I have to copy the debs into the respective alphabetical folders or can I just dump them into the archive folder?

Guttorm 07-02-2007 12:05 PM

The order doesn't matter. Either just use dpkg -i on the lot or put them in the archive folder.

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