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carlcromer 05-17-2001 11:39 PM

I want to install a theme and I am having no luck.
I downloaded a theme and then I did

gzip -d filename.tar.gz


tar xvf filename.tar

it made two directories backgrounds and styles and also a file with an lsm extension.

not sure how to procede.

need help please

rshaw 05-18-2001 12:09 AM

if your using kde

go to the >kde control center , >look and feel, >theme manager. hit add, then browse to where your theme is saved. select it, then hit apply.

carlcromer 05-18-2001 06:49 AM

well I am using gnome, but the problem is that when I unziped and untared this file it created many files and other directories. The question is "what is the type or file extension that I am looking for?" What file do I select when I browse from my theme manager?

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