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AdamskiAirsoft 07-25-2006 11:40 AM

Installing a boot loader?
(Continued from this thread:
Wanted to make a new one because its a different question and may involve different skill sets)

I've got a question, is there anything I can do, or try to do with my computer right now?

I'm currently running off a Live-CD version of Knoppix STD off of my 256mb RAM stick. Would it be possible to install a boot loader from Knoppix? Might that be the reason it doesn't get past the first screen? But does that also explain why I can't access BIOS or Boot options by pressing F2 or F10?

ethics 07-25-2006 11:48 AM

The last post seems correct, it's a hard drive or bios/Mobo prob (sorry mate)

The bootloader is not initialised till after post, anything before that is a problem with hardware/bios.

The only time i've ever had lockups tryng to boot was a faulty drive, i've had corrupted/bad chips on the mobo, but atleast Bios did enough to give me errors about checksums.

Plus the fact it works without the drive... have you got another to test with?

you can try installing a boot loader from knoppix, google grub-install it's pretty simple.

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