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obe786 01-29-2009 01:28 AM

Installed Fedora 9 over RHEL it overwrote RHEL. How to install both??
I guess if anyone knows the grub command, on how to dual install fedora9 and RHEL5 on the same computer with 1 hard disk. I tried to install RHEL first, Fedora 9 overwrote RHEL. now my RHEL is gone. how to install both. Step by step instruction would be appreciated.


stratotak 01-29-2009 01:37 AM

Install first linux OS.Then when you install 2nd resize the existing root partition and creat another root partiiton on free space that you created.Then install the OS on to that partition you created.You dont need a seperate swap.Both OS can use same swap partition.

r3sistance 01-29-2009 07:52 AM

Or more simply, leave space on the initial install, both use anaconda that is easy to step up hard drives with, just select custom, if you don't know what your doing stick simply to a Swap partition (you will only need one for both partitions so don't bother creating a secondary one for the second OS) that is either twice or three times the size of your RAM, Then create one partition with a label of /. Remember to leave space for the other OS. You could also create a shared partition between the two and give it an uncommon name, for example /osshare. remember to leave space then install. Then get the next distribution, install, use remaining space or go custom and just create a single / partition.

If you did create a shared partition you will need to add it to the /etc/fstab of the alternative distributions OS to the one that installed/created it. This is the cleaner and safer way to preform this task.

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