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sakaz 07-09-2009 03:04 PM

Installation of Linux - Operating System Over XP
Dear All,

I am newbie and the new user of this forum. I have been working with different OS before but to work with the Linux was my dream. I am realted to the Software Enigneering and working some kind of machines and sometime i require to work with web based systems. In my expereince it always come to know that Linux is always strong in these applications.

Recently, a german machine come in to my work and its Linux based machine. During my visit to the Augsburg University, i found the desktop applications were similar but was on Linux based. But i am totally new to operate that linux system when sometime i need to change some files like simple (copy, delete, directory etc.) I have been working with DOS, Windows OS's for along time and was not ever problem to deal with them.

Now, my question is that:

1. I am using windows XP in my PC, how and what version i must need to install in to my PC to run Linux.

2. How i can know that what version of Linux is using on that machine?

3. Could you please tell me step by step procedure what distribution of Linux i need to use and work with them.

4. What distribution i can use for Linux like (Prompt line base) and Windows based to use Internet Explorer, and install other desktop applications.

I hope you understand my questions.

Waiting for your quick reply.


thorkelljarl 07-09-2009 03:48 PM

Not sure if this is it...

Your English is not so clear that I understand exactly what you need.

You can install many versions of linux on a machine with XP.

If you have a machine with linux, you can open a terminal and use the command <lsb_release -a> and possibly find which linux is installed. I also find my linux distribution identified if I enter runlevel 3, the console mode, and read the lines above the prompt.

If you want to install linux as a dual-boot on a machine with XP installed, this guide may help.

If you need to learn linux, this may help.

linux does not run Windows programs, but has its own equivalents or versions of programs that are found on Windows.

Hern_28 07-09-2009 03:57 PM

Few answers.
1: Check out You can try many distro's without installing them using live cd's.

2: Look around for hints. 'uname -r' from the command line and such.

3: See #1. Download and try a live cd, try it, and if you like it then you can install it to your hard drive. You can try many distro's like this. Installation varies per distro.

4: Most any distribution will let you use the command line and have various desktops or even multiple desktops (Try them and see what you like). Instead of Internet Explorer, try

As far as windows based, there are applications that give you a bit of windows compatibility, best to try and find linux alternatives though.

Welcome to Linux

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