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KennyK 04-26-2003 06:06 PM

Installation hangs at "Initializing PC Card Devices"
I'm trying to install Redhat 8.0 on my Toshiba 1110-S153. But no matter if I try it in Graphical mode or Text mode, it just hangs up at this point.

I already have this running on three other machines of mine and I think that it's time to switch over to Linux on my laptop. I would prefer to stay with the same distro on all of them.

Any clues out there?


quietguy47 04-27-2003 05:53 PM

this might help

Brain Drop 05-05-2003 12:53 PM

i have same problem on my laptop. not sure if its like mine, but whatever distro i put on i have to use nousb for the instll. like 'bare.i nousb' (slack) or whatever distro you use. just pass on that similar parameter just using the appropriate name for the kernel.

manolomalaga 08-28-2003 06:47 PM

You can try Mandrake 8.0
Is the only solution I found

manolomalaga 08-28-2003 07:33 PM

Load system defaults
BIOS feature - Restore common options for your BIOS.

manolomalaga 08-28-2003 07:39 PM

Boot RedHat diskette
Then select D:\images\boot.img and clic on Write button.
This is rigth if you can see the diskette light turn on during the hang on message. With this diskette donīt crash the installation of RedHat 8.0.

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