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demolay 08-09-2003 09:40 PM

installation freezes (SUSE)
hi there.I'm trying to figure out some of my problems i hope you could give me a hand..
I just got a new hardware:
Xenon Midi-Tower, 300Watt, ATX
Shuttle AB48PN,
Intel 845PE 800MHz.FSB
Radeon 9000pro 128MB+TV-Out+DVI --->compatible?
Intel P-IV 3.0GHz., 800MHz. FSB HT
512MB DDR-400MHz., PC-3200
80 GB IDE, 7200rpm, Maxtor
Combo DVD + CD-ReWriter Philips

After booting and launching the INIT,the installation of SUSE professional 8.2 freezes without any explanation and I have to shut down and restart boot.
It freezes not always at the same point of the cd or dvd.

:study: newby-pass

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