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kylezhou 04-24-2005 03:52 AM

install redhat6.2 on second hdd but lilo hanged up
I installed redhat 6.2 on my old computer Pentium Pro 100 with 48 M ram
Two hard drives are present with the computer. The first drive has capacity of 1.7G with 1G dedicated to win98 (FAT32 formatted) and 0.7G to user data (FAT formatted). The second drive is unparitioned before installing linux with a capacity of 1G.
The first drive is on Primary IDE master. the 2nd drive is on Secondary IDE also master. No other IDE devices (No CD-ROM). No floppy drive.
I copied the files from redhat 6.2 iso to the 0.7G user data partition on the first drive. And then use loadlin to start the installation process. Everything went smoothly. I settled LILO in MBR.
Then the nightmare began just at reboot.
The system hanged up at restart. Exactly, after the POST screen passed, the next screen showed "LI" (I am sure it was going to say "LILO..." but didn't have that chance) and then died. Pressing TAB did not have response. :_(
Now I cannot start win98 since MBR has been changed. I don't have floppy drive nor CD-ROM drive.
I just want to know why LILO hanged?
Because the FAT32 format in my first drive? or the 2nd drive in on secondary IDE? or any installation fault? or other.....
I have to borrow a floppy drive, I believe, to get things back to their tracks. What should I do then?
Really appreciate any advice.

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