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stilllearing 12-06-2009 03:15 PM

Install issue: Error code 0 X 3. Suggestions?
Ok first me…
I am experienced enough to know to look before I leap. I know the win environment inside out and somewhat familiar with the operating principles of Linux/UNIX. That said, I am trying to learn all I can and welcome any and all advice you are willing to provide. I have run into a situation that Google cannot seem to provide answers for (rare, but not a first).

I am attempting to install Solaris 10 via DVD onto an x86 system.
I have an AMD Phenom 9500 processor on a Gigabyte GA MA770-DS3 motherboard w/2gig dual channel EEC ram. I am installing a 200 gig Seagate HDD (fresh out of the box) for a dual boot system, running XP on current drive.

Now my problem:
My first attempt at installing Solaris was a bomb:
'Error for command 'read sector' Error Level: Informational’
‘Sense Key: aborted command’
‘Vendor 'Gen-ATA ' error code: 0x3’

I have searched for a reason for this but nothing I find resembles my situation.
My DVD checks out, my bios is up to date, and my HDD is properly hooked up.

Could it be that my processor is unsupported, I read the compatibility list at the sun site and found other quad core AMD processors, seems this could be an issue.
Suggestions please.

Thank you for looking.

paulsm4 12-06-2009 06:34 PM

It sounds like the Solaris 10 installer isn't recognizing your ATA hard drive.

I'd suggest posting to Solaris-specific mail groups, and asking about your particular motherboard/hard drive combination. For example:

This latter post suggests you might also want to look at (a newer version of) OpenSolaris, if (older) Solaris 10 is being uncooperative:

And, of course, there's always Linux ;-)

'Hope that helps .. PSM

Here's a little history:

stilllearing 12-07-2009 12:08 AM

Completed: Install issue: Error code 0 X 3. Suggestions?
Attempted to load, Ubuntu, PCLinux, and Fedora without success so I moved onto the next stage and tried a win CD, the HDD is bad out the box. Unbelievable!! Never had a bad Seagate before and I have put a lot of them in. Ha Ha first time for everything I guess.

I still don't know if my processor is supported but I will in a few days.

Thanks everyone for looking and thanks to paulsm4 for your research into the issue.

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