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slyfox_00 07-04-2004 01:17 PM

Install help needed
First off Im getting really frustrated.... I have tried to put the Mandrake 10 files on a cd and they wouldnt fit.... so I copied it over without the language folder and it fit... I alos Put all 3 disks on a dvd just in case the cd wouldnt work... I have tried making the boot disk from mandrake using the HD_grub but it wont mount my HD and alot using the cd one and it just locks up when it asks where to install from..... It also wont let me boot from cd rom.... so I have no idea what to do.....Did i burn the cd wrong or something???????? Im using windows xp ... Im also on AIM ...pearljamslave is my handle..... someone help!!!!!!!!!

bruno buys 07-04-2004 01:22 PM

Stay cool friend! Remember Bob: Every little thing is gonna be alright! He he... just kidding...

What files are you trying to burn to cd? If you are trying to burn them to cd and they dont fit, it sounds like you are doing the wrong way, or the wrong files.

The correct file to be burned is a .iso file. If you use Nero, you should use the option "Burn Image". Did you do this way?
Post here the name of the file you are trying to burn, and the link where you downloaded it from.

slyfox_00 07-04-2004 01:30 PM

i think that was my problem...... win.rar made it look like it was a .rar file and not a iso...... i hope that is the proble...... but i also unziped them and just threw all the files on a cd and windows sees it as mandrake (get the star icon on the cd drive) so ill try again and see what happens....but i dont think its gunna help

bruno buys 07-04-2004 01:34 PM

This is the difference. You have to download the three iso files from the mdk install set, and burn them to cd's using the option Burn Image. A cd image preservs the original iso-8859-1 filesystem of the cd. Go this way and you're happy. Don't winrar or winzip the files.
Before you burn the downloaded files, you might also do a md5sum check on your files, to know if they are not corrupted.

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