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Kodaxx 08-23-2005 03:37 PM

Install from Source?
I know what it means, and I've read several tutorials on how to do it, but everytime I install from source, something seems to go wrong. Can anybody help me out? Give a step-by-step thing, or maybe a link to a good site. Any help is appreciated, thanks.


*EDIT: I am looking at a tutorial I found here on, accept I think it's, you can post other tutorials and whatnot just to give me an idea, but for now I'm going to check this out.

bosewicht 08-23-2005 03:41 PM

What seems to go wrong? What are you trying to install that you can't apt-get with debian?

Kodaxx 08-23-2005 03:49 PM

It always says, after I run it, command not found or something like that. I'm trying to install MAME also, I did not find that with apt-get.

bosewicht 08-23-2005 03:54 PM

it says cmd not found because you must give it the full address. so for firefox you would type something like /usr/bin/mozilla-firefox or wherever it was installed. the easiest way to find out would be whereis mozilla-firefox or slocate mozilla-firefox, otherwise you can link firefox to /usr/bin/mozilla-firefox and be done with it.

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