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vizjeri 03-27-2009 09:52 AM

Install Freespire 2.0.8 - Freezes

I am as new as you can get to Linux.

I went for freespire and I want to setup so that I keep the windows vista running and dual boot with Freespire 2.0.8

Harddrive is already configured for split so that I can have Freespire on D drive.

However the issue arrises when I put the CD and reboot the computer for installing.
I see the freespire install area, and enter the Freespire install, it starts to load showing the Freespire loading screen.
Then reaches up to a certain point where the screen disapears and I see a DOS type area where I can type (though not DOS) - this is where it ends.

Why is this? Any ideas for what is going wrong? I have tried several options, including starting freespire from the CD, with the same result.

Hoping for some help, thanks!

Udi 03-28-2009 06:04 PM

I'd recommend you to try a different Linux.

Linspire have an operating system which isn't free, it is tied with all kinds of licenses and agreements and proprietary software. I don't understand what Freespire is exactly, but it sounds like some kind of an oximoron. We use free systems - it's fun and it's right and I encourage you to do the same.

For Windows users I recommend Linux Mint, which is free and comes pre-installed with everything for whatever tasks you're used to doing in Windows. Ubuntu and Fedora are also quite good. If you get the same boot problem with all Linuxes, it is probably related to your hardware and we'll need to have the details of your computer.

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