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romel 09-07-2003 12:03 PM

I want to install me linux OS after the first 8 GB of partition.
My hard disk size is 20 GB. Suppose I have 4 GB FAT32 partition first where win98 is installed....then next 4 GB is NTFS and windows 2000 server is installed. My question is can I install linux after that 8 GB beginning partition of my HD. Say I want to install it at next 6 GB. One I installed ..but after rebooting the PC when the linux installation is complete it always gives me..


But LILO is not coming...


trickykid 09-07-2003 12:52 PM

What distribution and version are you installing? It appears it might be installing an older version of Lilo that had problems reading past the 1024 cylinder... etc.

romel 09-07-2003 01:09 PM

I am trying to install RedHat 7.2 and 7.3 both version with win98 and win2000 server. My total hard disk is 20 GB.

s_nic 09-07-2003 03:13 PM

Well... newer version of LiLo or GRUB ;)

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