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galyun 11-03-2002 11:28 PM

Instalation help?
I got RedHat 7 and want to replace my windows...
Do I need a boot-disk or something like it...or not...
And also what else do I need...???
Tnx for help...:newbie:

trickykid 11-04-2002 12:27 AM

You should be able to boot straight to the cd to start the installation. Not sure what else you might need, if you give us some details on your system, that might help. Also you might want to look and search at documentation about installing and using Linux. Try searching this site if you have any questions or maybe looking at some of the howto's at

adam_boz 11-04-2002 12:30 AM

If you have a cd-rom, set it up in the bios so that you can boot from it (if it's not already), then all you gotta do is put the first cd in and boot up the machine.

I can't think of anything else you would need.

have fun


galyun 11-04-2002 01:29 AM

tnx for help...!!!:)

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