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narcarsiss 06-07-2005 11:32 AM


windows sucks i use it only so i can lern how to use Xandros linux well anylinux distro anyway onto the prod

well i am using Xandross 3.0 cause out of all the linux distros i installed :16:"
i found this one :newbie: friendly so im trying to install xine, nerolinux, dsl-200 adsl modem, etc but do i just have to run the rpm file and it will work and show up in the start menu<===sorry dont now what is is cauled: and it says it is installed ? what the hell is going on cause by the sounds of this u now what i meen by :newbie: lol windows expert u see but f#ck windows i want linux so can any one help me with this i like linux it is awsome but also:confused:ing

linux 4 noobs bock is no good it dont tell me what i want to now so please help me my msn is just add it and help me please i am always on if im not i will be i will just be fiddling around in linux trying to get things to go tnx damo:newbie:

rarsa 06-07-2005 12:20 PM

I don't mean to be rude, but... What are you asking?

Sorry, but I was unable to decipher your post.

Do you have a particular problem?

I would recommend using shorter sentences explaining directly what the problem is.

If you make specific questions, you will get specific answers.

If you have unrelated questions, create separate posts.

If you want to rant against windows, go to the appropriate forum. you don't have to excuse yourself for using it.

You should also try to throw some commas and periods around your sentences. They will make your message clearer.

Here are some examples:
If you don't know where to start you can write something like the following:

How do I install software in Xandros?

I am new to linux. I have just installed Xandros. How can I install applications in Xandros 1.6?


If you have already tried to install and found problems, you can write something like the following:

Error 'Invalid authority' when installing Xine.

I am new to linux. I have just installed Xandros and now I want to install Xine.
I downloaded the rpm from
When I try to install it with the following command

rpm -i xine-gui

I get the following error

'Invalid authority'


narcarsiss 06-08-2005 09:08 AM

ok sorry i was tyerd ok.

well here i go

can i just run an .rpm and the program will install. question 1 <==

will the program work after i installed it question 2 <==

xine i think is installed but not sure. how can i check ? question 3 <==


:newbie: what is the correct way to install a program eg.. nero linux question 4 <==

ok is this better .?

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