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Neur0tek 04-23-2002 10:40 AM

Ok, I am the newest newb on the block. I have been using SUSE 7.1 for about 3 days now and I am trying to get imlib 1.9.0 configured but I am stuck. I ran the sh INSTALL command as in the instructions but when it comes time to "make install" it throws a couple errors at me stating it couldn't find a directory Install-relevance and kicks it back out. Can somebody please tell me the proper command or steps to get this installed?

trickykid 04-23-2002 10:47 AM

are you compiling at root or regular user ? if regular user, try su to root and then use the make install command.

Neur0tek 04-25-2002 10:11 PM

I'm logged in as root.

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