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CrimsonSkyZS 01-11-2006 04:55 PM

IMAP User setup, mail servers, Roundcube webmail client, Receiving Emails
For the past few days I have been on a crazy mail server trek. I finally accomplished building the rpm and installing courier-imap server and the courier auth and fulfilling all the dependencies. Now, I am very very confused.

My Setup:
-athlon 2600, 1GB RAM, 250GB HDD

-All dependencies for courier-imap
-RoundCube Webmail
-Apache 2.2.0, PHP 5.1.1, MySQL 5.0.18

-comcast as cable ISP (I'm pretty sure no ports are bing blocked)
-Linksys router (port fowarding setup[110,143,80])
-domain name at godaddy ( to my global IP at home (static)
-linux box named:
-no DNS server on linux box

Good things:
-imap server is running
-can log into Roundcube after using the [maildirmake $HOME/Maildir] command as root
-can send mail

-when I send mail from roundcube, gmail says sender is ""
-when in webmail client sender is "root@localhost" not ""
-can't recieve email
-no idea how to setup MX records
--currently: (see dns below) note: @ means on godaddy's dns manager
-need to setup users for the imap server
--Do I need to setup system acocunts for these users and then do a maildirmake in their home directory? Is this the only way, it would be nice to have only email acounts so to speak?
-sendmail, fetchmail, and postfix, were all installed during fc4, do I need to keep them? I think only sendmail has a process running.

A (Host)
DNS Manager Help

A (Host)


An A record short for address record is a record within a zone file that maps a domain name to an IP address. Thus, you can use an A record to indicate the IP address you want your domain or subdomain to point to. Also referred to as a host or host name. For example, if you want your domain "" to point to your home computer (whose IP address is, for example,, the A record would list "," or "@" as the host and "" as the "Points To" IP address. Entering "@" will automatically insert your domain name as the host name for the A Record. If the A Record is for the domain "," the host name should be entered as "www."

Do not enter "" as the host name for an A Record.

Host Points To TTL
@ 3600
fbla 3600
phpmyadmin 3600
forums 3600
www 3600
blog 3600
pma 3600
files 3600
mail 3600

Alias Points To TTL
www @ 3600
mobilemail 3600
pda 3600
email 3600
imap 3600
mail 3600
pop 3600
smtp 3600
ftp @ 3600
webmail 3600
e 3600

Priority Host Goes To TTL
0 @ 3600

Thanks for any help on this matter...

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