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2KoNFuSSeD 12-20-2015 10:48 AM

I'm so lost trying to run Linux on an iMac off a recovery disk (Parted Magic recovery disk)
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Hey All. Happy Holidays. I'm so fed up, aggravated , lost , and missable . Why.? Because I wanted to get the new iOS it was Maverick at the time and my iMac said it need more Gigs. It wasn't full but whatever was a common apple problem that had a quick solution . Hah. Now as it has for the last 6-8 months later my mac is waiting away. I mean I can get by any issue or I always have on PCs but this is over my head. Talking about mounting , kernels , root.....what. I want my iOS back . But Linux is if wife I can get help and get it to run correctly. Like I don't even know where to start to look to start I'm baffled. I have conzilla , patriot the editor , disk clone, space fm. Xorg. And 77 other items that are foreign to me ....
-Ok so start up Mac with parted magic recovery disk in drive . Then I get lost. Sadly I'm not exaggerating . It has a dozen options I use start in safe mode And get to this screen (I hope photo shows if not and you have time to help me , well fist thank you I love u . And secondly u can message me if your on an apple phone , laptop, PC! Tablet .... At. Or just email me at . I'm likely to get it much faster then I would on site. Or just text or even call me 267-772-5079. Please anyone that knows how I can get my PC back HELP ! I really appreciate it. I appreciate the time y'all took to read this even if you don't respond so Many Thanks PST. TXT. CALL.
Respectfully , D.DEL
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Thymox 12-21-2015 10:44 AM

OK, I kinda struggled to read that.

What is your ultimate goal here? Do you want to make some space on your iMac's system so you can install a Linux system?
Are you using a Linux system to free up some space so you can install OSX Mavericks?

Germany_chris 12-22-2015 03:33 AM


Boot into OSX recovery and reinstall the OS once that's done upgrade to whatever. If you don't have a time machine disk OSX keeps snapshots in your boot drive and that is whats likely taking up your space. Why not run the computer to the Apple store and sponge off their WiFi and knowledge?

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