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DCPAQ2 02-28-2004 11:16 AM

I'm having problems installing Debian on a Compaq Proliant 8000 Server

I have a Compaq Proliant 8000 server that I am tring to install Debian Linux version 3.0 r2 "woody" onto.

I have 4(four) 72.8 Gig scsi hard drives 10K rpm ultra 320's installed.

I have them configured for Raid 5.

All 4 hard drives are in bay #1(bottom bay) in slot order from 0,1,2,3 (left to right).

I used the Compaq Smart start cd version 5.41 to set the system partition, create the raid array and ect.

I have set everything up to the best of my knowledge using the smart start cd but when i try to install Debian it will not detect any hard drives.

Even when i try to use the disk partition program within debian it wont detect the drives, but when i am in the smart start cd program it shows all 4 drives there and shows them all in array A. so from what i can tell the raid array and ect is confiured properly.

Since i could not get debian to detect the drives i figured i would try redhat and see what that would do, upon trying i was able to install redhat version 9 without any problems whatso ever.

I dont know why debian will not detect any drives but redhat will.

Does anyone have any idea what i might be doing wrong? Or if there are any manuals or documentation out there that would explain the steps one by one in great detail as to how to setup and install debian in this server?

Im desperate for help, ive been struggling on getting this server up and running for about a month and a half now over various problems.

Any help would be greatly appeciated.



DCPAQ2 03-01-2004 10:19 PM

Nobody Knows???

Hasnt anyone here worked with Proliant servers and Debian before?


uuplunkeruu 03-01-2004 10:28 PM

It needs the drivers for the raid card
Linux needs the drivers for the raid card to be able to view the drives or partitions created. Without the drivers it will not be able to partition the drives and load the files needed to run the system.

This link may help you out:

DCPAQ2 03-02-2004 10:44 AM

Thank you
Thanks for the reply.

But at this point I have decided to just forget about debian and go with Redhat linux instead.

much easier to install and i think it has more to offer than debian.


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