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pinsky 09-18-2012 10:26 AM

Ideas for a Linux network workshop
Hello there! I'm doing a voluntary workshop for high school professors to teach them the basics of networks and managing networks on Linux. It's gonna be a two day workshop.

Their knowledge is, i quote: "It is possible they might not know what routers are"

First day
Introduction to networks.
OSI, TCP/IP, network devices, protocols

And at the end of the first day, they will have to conceptually configure the network in their school, just the needs and services.

Example: "We have 50 computers, 2x20 in two computer room, and 10 in the professors quarters. Computers in the computer room have to be able to share files locally, but not access computers outside..."

Second day
I want to make them a live cd/usb which has Lubuntu, and installed and set of virtual machines (say 5-6 of them). One of the virtual machines would have multiple NIC-s and have a specialized Router/Firewall distribution (didn't yet choose which). Other virtual machines would be clients.

I'm planning on using KVM with libvirt/virt-manager for virtualization.

We would then experiment, grouping the clients in different subnets and trying to set file sharing.

My questions to the community:
  1. Do you think the idea is ok? Any advice will be listened to?
  2. Which of the dedicated distribution would you advise to use? Id should be as friendly as possible, if they have to set iptables on their own, we'll lose them to Microsoft ;)
  3. They are gonna have to have multiple opened terminals for virtual machines. Ssh-ing to them doesn't seem like a good idea since we will change the IPs often. Is there something as a nice VNS window manager, or similar?

cpasqualini 09-18-2012 02:21 PM

i'm theaching IT to post scholar-age guys, and make them learn tcp/ip in one day... it just din't work out.
i'm using ipcalc and the (simple) explanations from wikipedia [1], they have understanded that same day, but the next week they just didn't get it.


On the topic of the router distribution, please consider ipcop, i've used the old version (1.4.x) a few years ago, and had a very good experience.
I did not yet used the new version (2.x), but these are very paranoid people, so the product shall be good enough.

i'll be glad to see a report from you when this experience be completed. please post in this same tread about it!

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