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Yocal 08-26-2003 06:30 AM

IBM A31p / RedHat 9.0 / Wireless NIC
Hi there,

I've just installed RH9.0 on my IBM Laptop (IBM ThinkPad A31p). Everything seems to work fine - but my WLAN :o(

I took a look around on the internet, and found out that i should use modprobe to put some drivers into the kernal (got that right??).

So i write:

> modprobe hermes
> modprobe orinoco
> modprobe orinoco_pci

It doesnt kick any errors... Allright - from here everything seems fine.


> ifconfig eth1 up

No errors. I check out signal etc with:

> iwconfig

It seems, that it has connected to my AP called "NTLab" - and have fine signal strength: 75/92. And here it is again confirmed that it is 'called' eth1...

The NIC in the laptop is a combi-card with both LAN and WLAN. The LAN-part has taken up eth0... But where is eth1? It doesnt seem to be anywhere in the system?!

Conclution: I have connection to my accesspoint - but i cannot 'find' my NIC :o) What do i do??

// Yoc

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